Boobies in a box

Wow, what a difference a few months make, and for good reason. Surgery today was not the beginning of womanhood, like facial surgery in November was, but merely an extension. It was for breast augmentation (small B – bigger than me!) and tracheal shave (bye-bye, Adam’s apple!). I loved that the surgeon showed up with boobies in a box. Each implant, it seems, comes in a box of its own, with measurements in cc’s of liquid. I suppose this is old hat for any woman who has augmented, but it was news to me. Size 175 cc, anyone? 

Like we did before, we got up at 4 and left the house at 5, but we weren’t nervous and it wasn’t foreboding. At the hospital Lina got a mix of sirs and m’ams, which is always weird, but then her legal name is still male, and she’s male on the hospital records. So no harm done, just odd. This surgery took 2 hours instead of 5, with recovery at 2 hours instead of 4, and she wasn’t nauseous. I think it’s nice for her to have bigger-than-teeny breasts, and I know it makes her happy. I’m sure some women would be uneasy that their formerly male partner has bigger breasts than they do ( or, OK, any at all), but I’ve never been hung up on boobs. In fact, as a sometimes runner and general outdoors enthusiast and active person, I’m happy to not have the extra baggage. I do like my new bras, though, that show a little heft, though am also very appreciative of my pancake bras, aka sports bras. Lina will be sore for days, but she’s happy!

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