Gratitude, tears, and photos

What a day. I went to yoga this evening (Durham YMCA) to relax, but instead my head is swimming and now it’s time for a rest. I’ve received about 200 emails commenting on the Globe story, and only 2 of them were negative. The rest have very moving, with many people sharing their own stories, hence the gratitude and tears. I’ll write more about that later.

Tonight, Lina and I wanted to post photos of how the actual newspaper looked today (CLICK onto each for larger image), as most people saw the story online. (I’m on the right, above.) The Globe apparently was supposed to post a photo gallery, and I think still will, of the many photos that were in the paper.

These photos of the “g” cover and inside came from my pal Karen Richards, a longtime reader in Boston, who I call my No. 1 Fan (for like a decade!). She sent a snapshot of the pages, and here they are. Again, CLICK on above photo for a larger image. We think the Globe handled the layout really well. It shows us looking like the normal couple we mostly are, and isn’t Sabrina (Breener the Wiener) the cutest?

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