300 emails and counting, and TV flirts with us

I’ve received more than 300 emails after the Boston Globe story started to circulate. First they came from Boston area, then the US and of course later on, around the *other* Globe, you know, the real one, including a nice note from a transgendered woman Down Under. Only three were negative, which I don’t mind, because everyone has a right to express their thoughts, and if their name is there (unlike anonymous website comments), then bravo, I say.

I was interviewed by a Good Morning America producer. They decided not to pursue the story. I would love to reach a wide general audience such as theirs, but perhaps another time. And another national TV show is potentially interested. And a story will be out on Monday in a widely distributed national online news service. Lina and I were interviewed, separately, for that, which is always good for Lina because I can’t take over or talk over or all the other “overs” I tend toward. Don’t worry, though, she holds her own. 

My goal is to email everyone back who wrote anything of substance (which most people did!), so it’s taking a while, but it’s worth it to me to show my appreciation. Many people said they had never written to the writer of an article before, which greatly moves me. I’m encouraging them to keep it up! Feed the writers! Like most people do, we appreciate feedback.

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