Writing, riding, writing, and more writing

I spent much of the weekend (not counting our 62-mile bike ride yesterday) writing.

Actually,  something to mention about the ride, a large group ride sponsored by the awesome Carolina Tarwheels. Twice I pulled off the road onto the shoulder briefly to adjust who-knows-what. Lina was with me, looking very girlie in a cycling skort and lavender top. Both times, a guy riding by said, “Are you OK? Do you need anything?” If my husband had been there, that would not have happened. Lina was fascinated, as her eyes were opened to one of the blessings/curses of femaleness — the chivalrous male.

So, back to writing. One thing I did was write about writing. That is I finished a proposal to conduct a workshop at the 2011 conference of Equality NC, my state’s LGBT advocacy group. I’m calling it “Writing Your Way to Advocacy,” and it’s something I’d like to develop for other groups to help people see how and where their personal stories can be used to change the world! (But those stories, no matter how powerful, need focus and structure, or no one will want to read them!)

I also am obsessed with thanking the 300-plus people who emailed their support after the Boston Globe piece. Many wrote about their own struggles, and I really wanted to acknowledge that and them. I have only 30 or so remaining, and am really glad I’ve made the time to write folks back. But, whoa, it’s taking forever.

And, now, a story at www.abcnews.com may be coming out tomorrow that includes a bit about us and links to the Globe piece. If that brings more readers, and, hence, more emails my way, well, I don’t think I can keep this up. Girl’s gotta make a living! 

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2 Responses to Writing, riding, writing, and more writing

  1. Jamie Dahlem says:

    Diana and Lina,

    Thank you for sharing your story! I recently transititioned at the age of 58 and I am sure Judy, my wife of almost 22 years, experienced many of the same emotions and feelings you did. I am very active in the LGBT community here in Las Vegas trying to get more assistance for the trangender than the meager amount currently supplied. I am also helping Equality Nevada get up and running and saw your reference to Equality NC and also your proposed workshop on “Writing Your Way to Advocacy”. I have found the power of personal stories have worked so well when I have spoken to groups, but so many in our transgender community are still reluctant to publicly identify themselves. But their stories need to be told; if and when you get your first workshop scheduled I want to attend – put me on the mailing list!

    My son and his family live in Cary, NC and Judy and I will be visiting them October 19 – 25. I know this is so resumptuous of me, but we would love to meet you and Lina if you would be available.

    Thanks again for your willingness to share.

    Jamie Dahlem

    • didaniel says:

      Hi Jamie. If I do the workshop it would be through Equality NC at its conference on Nov. 12. I”d like to present it, refine it, and hopefully offer it to others. Not everyone, of course, is ready or able to invite the public spotlight, and I certainly respect that. I also think there are ways to gradually share one’s story, not necessarily in a regional or national publication. But I agree that personal stories are hugely powerful. Feel free to contact me closer to the time of your trip and I”ll see if I’m in town and maybe we can meet up. All the best to you and Judy!

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