picks up and adds to our story

Reporter Susan James at did a nice job with our story. At least for now, our photo is on the home page, the ole before-and-after shots. My lovely wedding dress has never had such an audience. It deserves it! Susan interviewed Lina and me separately last week, and also talked to Helen Boyd, which I was happy to see because Helen is the authority.

One thing that surprised me in the story was that a survey by the National Center for Transgender Equality showed that 55 percent of couples stayed together when one was transgender. I hadn’t seen that stat before, BUT I’m guessing that most of those people had not fully transitioned. I think many couples stay together until their partner’s gender has actually changed, which brings on a whole new host of issues, privately and publicly. That’s not to say people should or should not stay together, it’s just my observation, furthered by the hundreds of emails I received last week.

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