And now, from the Daily Mail online…

As a journalist, it’s fascinating to see how my story and then subsequent interviews are being interpreted.  Reporter Jennifer Madison from the New York office of the US Mail Online, the online site for the Daily Mail (of London) did a quick interview today and then meshed my Globe story with the story and came up with this. It’s a nice enough piece, though I don’t agree that “the years leading up to the transition were devastating psychologically” for me. Parts of them were, yes, but that sounds like, oh… whatever. Just read the Globe story and you’ll see. Anyway, Jennifer did a fine job, and I really liked the end, all about advocacy and going public.

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4 Responses to And now, from the Daily Mail online…

  1. Susan Pollack says:

    I just want to say thanks for sharing your story. In my mind I had not separated transgender from sexual orientation before. An aquaintance is beginning his year as a woman and I want to be supportive but I’ve been having a hard time wrapping my brain around his point of view.

    • didaniel says:

      Susan, thanks for taking the time to wrap your brain around it, because it is complicated. But we all have a lot in common as humans, so you’re still on familiar ground. And thanks for supporting your friend. It will mean all the world to her!

  2. Jude says:

    Diane, reading your blog brings tears to my eyes but they are not tears of sadness. I am overwhelmed by the unconditional love you and Lina have found. You two are truly soul mates. Bravo for telling your story and being a voice for the transgender community.

    • didaniel says:

      Thanks, Jude. That’s so sweet. We are certainly lucky to have the bond and affection we do. I think we bring out the very best in each other, except for when we’re annoying each other. Just the usual happy couple!

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