How does Lina feel about all this?

Friends and strangers, but especially friends who know Lina, often ask “how does Lina feel about all this publicity?” My pat answer is: She’d prefer that I wasn’t a writer, and I’d prefer that she wasn’t transgender. That sounds a lot more flip than I mean it, but mostly it’s true, just not the whole story.

Lina married a writer. I married a transsexual. We support each other fully in being who we are. Not only do we support it, we celebrate it. While I didn’t necessarily want my husband to become my wife, it’s who she is and I love seeing her be who she is. Her essence hasn’t changed.

While she doesn’t necessarily want to be in the news – in stories, advocacy work, and in the book I’m writing – she loves that I’m doing what I do, which has always been in part to write about my life. (She’s appeared in many travel stories, and didn’t mind that!) Lina also sees the huge opportunity we have for advocacy and education and she’s totally behind that.

All this said, if Lina were opposed to me writing about us, I wouldn’t be doing it. I’d be disappointed and I’d push back and I’d try to change her mind, but I would never, ever do anything that would cause her to hurt unless there was a darn good reason. And, for the record, she reads everything that includes her before I send it out, and, yes, she has asked for changes, which I’ve happily granted. Even when she’s not reading with a vested interest, she’s a great editor.

So how does Lina feel? Pretty lucky, just like I do!

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