Will a T woman ever dance with the stars?

I’m not a watcher (or a detractor, for that matter) of  “Dancing with the Stars,” but I have enjoyed the fact that Chaz Bono, a transgender man, is on the show and from what I read is still hanging on, albeit by a thread.

But here’s what I wonder. Would you ever see a (known) transgender woman on the show? It’s been interesting to observe the sexism that occurs even in the transgender world. It seems, from my observations, that it’s more socially acceptable to switch from female to male than the other way around because for one, who would want to be a female? I mean, we don’t hold the power and we still do the bulk of the housework (we share it at my house). But, much bigger is this complete and rigid set of rules for men that they must not show any signs of feminity — unless they’re really attractive and really famous, like, say, George Clooney. Yep, George can show a tender side.  And maybe if you’re a college professor, well, an English professor, it’s OK. So, so many rules. Sure there are some for women, but not nearly as many and with not nearly as many serious repercussions.  For that matter, do we even have a “star” female transgender person (or dance instructor) to apply? Nominations anyone?

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