It truly is a great time…

Lina couldn't agree more.

We cracked up when we saw this sign: “What a great time … to be a girl!” It’s in front of Francesca’s clothing store in Arroyo Seco, New Mexico, a bit north of Taos. We were exploring all around last month, for fun, and for a travel story for the Boston Globe (not out yet). We both cracked up when we saw it. All Lina can say is, hell, yeah, it IS a great time! (And, yes, she really loves that flowered shirt that she’s wearing in half the photos in this blog! I do, too. Maybe I need to borrow it….)

On Nov. 16, Lina will have her one-year anniversary of officially becoming Lina. What a year it’s been! We also recently had our seventh wedding anniversary. As I said to her, “and you haven’t changed a bit.” Tongue. In. Cheek.

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