Happy REbirthday, Lina!

Happy one-year REbirthday to my lovely Lina!! (And thanks to our pal Lauren for the “rebirthday” moniker!)

Today is the one-year anniversary of my wife’s official “transition,” which means nothing all that official except it was the date of her FFS (facial feminization surgery). It was the day I took my husband to Rex Hospital in Raleigh, N.C., and drove my wife home twelve hours later. It was the day our public lives changed in unimaginable ways. It was the day I watched the person I love take another step in being true to herself. It was also the day I lost my husband. I can’t say that I miss “him” anymore, but I do miss the ease of our lives. Whose to say that “ease” would have lasted anyway. A number of things could have changed our course; it just happened to be this.

So please join me in this celebration of Lina, aka Selina, a woman of remarkable courage and kindness. I am very lucky to share my life with her. Liefde is love. Love you, hon.

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