Does ABC show ‘Work It’ really matter?

UPDATE: The show was pulled after two episodes. I’m guessing it wasn’t activism that killed it, but quality, or lack thereof….

There’s a brouhaha in the trans community (and beyond) about ABC’s new show, “Work It,” which premieres in January. It’s a comedy show featuring two men who dress as women to secure employment. It should probably be called “Re-Work It,” as it’s a copycat of “Bosom Buddies,” the ’80s classic starring Tom Hanks.

Yes, the show is offensive, and yes, transgender people are discriminated against in real life. But, here’s how I feel. It’s a television sitcom, and who don’t those offend? Women? Check. Men? Check. Minorities? Check. Overweight people? Check. And on and on and on. There are some shows that advance the cause of minority groups and are smart and funny, to boot. The obvious prime-time star is “Modern Family,” also on ABC, interestingly. 

As for “Work It,” I think the show will fall flat on its face because it’s a stupid show.  I think it will offend people, annoy people, and turn off people, and then it will be gone. Let it dig its own grave, and I will dance on that grave.

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4 Responses to Does ABC show ‘Work It’ really matter?

  1. Well said. I fully agree.

  2. didaniel says:

    Thanks, Liz. It’s nice to hear similar thoughts from people who are involved in the trans community. I know there are two ways of looking at it, or maybe twenty…

  3. Danielle says:

    I think there’s value in the statement being made as it has by some, though, but kept in scale. Letting the idea pass totally unchallenged carries a certain danger.

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