2011 was a banner year in the trans world

A phenomenal overview of the progress made in the transgender realm in 2011 was written by Mara Keisling, executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality, and published in The Advocate a few weeks ago. The list of achievements is pretty staggering. I tend to not write about political stuff much. But I do pay attention, care, vote, give money and sometimes even my time (admittedly, the hardest part for me). I hope you do, too. Not matter how much of the above you contribute, it all helps. So, thanks for all you do, for helping the list of achievements grow!

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4 Responses to 2011 was a banner year in the trans world

  1. Danielle says:

    One change in 2011 really had an impact on me – that the sex/gender field would no longer be used by the E-Verify program. I changed jobs after that and it was wonderfully freeing to not worry about being unwillingly outted to someone else at work via the federal government.

    • didaniel says:

      That’s fantastic!! Thanks for pointing that out, Danielle, and how it directly impacted you.

      • Danielle says:

        I think the change was effective on the last Saturday in September. Within a week of that I was contacted by a recruiter with a large software firm in the area, and I started my job there in mid-November, thus fulfilling a goal I had set for the year to not be an employee of the State of North Carolina by the start of 2012. 🙂

      • didaniel says:

        Major congrats!

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