Mind your manners, or else

It’s not every day that your farmer introduces you to the country’s leading gay etiquette guru, but here in progressive North Carolina these things happen.

Diane, Steven Petrow, and Lina

On Sunday, Lina and I were at the lively 10th anniversary party of Lantern, the Chapel Hill restaurant headed by chef and author Andrea Reusing that helped kick off the farm-to-table movement here (and in the Southeast). I was talking to one of my favorite farmers, Ben Bergmann of Fickle Creek Farm and somehow it came up that he’d just been chatting with Steven Petrow of “Complete Gay & Lesbian Manners” fame, along with other GLBT etiquette tomes.

On my best behavior, I politely asked Ben for an introduction, and he obliged. I clearly forgot my manners later when I yanked Steven out of a deep conversation with friends to pose for this photo — which I then asked his friend to take. They were game, and we were grateful.

So, dear readers, mind your manners, or we’re telling our new pal Steven!

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