Some good news from Lina’s homeland

Exciting news for Lina, who is a Dutch citizen. We’ve had some issues getting her birth certificate changed. People think the Dutch are so progressive with transgender issues, but that’s not the case in many areas. It was just announced that the Dutch cabinet has proposed a bill stating that people who feel they are actually of the other sex will no longer first have to undergo a sex-change operation or hormone treatment to be recognized as transgender.

“People who are transgender will in the future be able to have the registration of their sex altered more easily,” the ruling said. “They will not have to have an operation or hormone treatment first.”

Now, this still has to go through many legal and parliamentary machinations before it becomes law, so it’s not an immediate victory, but it’s a giant leap forward.

The law as it stands now — and it’s only for male to females! — says that a person identifying with the other gender must be infertile before a birth certificate can be changed. Isn’t that the craziest thing? And certainly not progressive. But it’s true! The cabinet proposes that that ruling be dropped. Hooray!

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