A week of highs and the lows

It was a crazy week. My often-progressive state of North Carolina regressed and passed the “marriage amendment,” adding an amendment to our state constitution saying marriage is defined by a man and a woman. (Though my county of Durham and most other urban counties defeated it.) Of course gay marriage is already illegal, but proponents needed more discrimination. I’m predicting that same-sex marriage will be legally recognized in the entire country within twenty years, but that doesn’t help the people hurt by this now. (Lina and I remained legally married unless someone challenges it, but our situation resides in a very murky gray area.)

Meanwhile, President Obama has finally come out of the closet in his support for same-sex marriage. I think he knows he’s a loser if he can’t fire up the left again, and this is the way to do that, but it could hurt him too. I’m not feeling good about the presidential race, but I am thrilled that the “leader of the free world” is supporting gay marriage.

Ten countries have legalized gay marriage. Lina’s homeland, the Netherlands, was the first. Go Oranje! The others, in case you’re wondering: Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Iceland, Norway, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, and Sweden.

Onward, upward, and outward, I say.

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