Hair today, gone tomorrow: hooray for electrologists

This is one of those sign-of-the-times things. Because I’m a journalist, I get a lot of press releases. Apparently transgender topics have been added to my current list of travel, environment, art, food and sustainable agriculture!. We’re all a hodgepodge, aren’t we?

So I got this release that I cannot imagine would have been sent out until recently — the American Electrology Association is aligning itself with the transgender movement. Makes good business sense! Here’s part of the release, pegged, smartly I thought, to rocker Tom Gabel’s lovely and welcome coming out as a transsexual.

Lina, btw, started with an electrologist in Durham and then moved on to laser treatment in Durham. I took her last week to her first eyebrow waxing at a neighborhood hair salon and it was quite successful! So here’s the pitch:

“With the recent coverage of the Tom Gabel story, transgender topics have received increased national attention. Tom Gabel chose an electrologist to assist with the transition. In fact, most transgender individuals choose electrolysis to manage the hair removal aspect of their transition. The American Electrology Association wants to inform and educate individuals who are beginning or considering the process.”

And here’s the start of the release:

Becoming the Beauty You Are Through Permanent Hair Removal; Experts Offer Tips on Finding the Right Electrologist for You

June 7, 2012 – As a transgendered woman, chances are you struggle with unwanted body hair. While shaving and tweezing can be done in the privacy of your own home, they are time consuming and require daily attention. Waxing can be done in salons, but requires regular maintenance and can be costly. Increasingly, transgendered women are turning to electrolysis as a safe, FDA-approved, permanent solution to unwanted hair. But, how to choose?”

And then it goes on to give best-practice standards. You can find them at the American Electrology Association website, which even has a trans link.

Cool, huh?

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  1. trisha1den says:

    Hey, thanks for posting this… 🙂

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