Boston Globe shines positive light on transgender camp

I’ve already written a bit about Nick Teich and his brilliant Camp Aranu’tiq, the first-ever summer camp for transgender children. Nick, a social worker who lives in the Boston area, established the non-profit organization and a group of volunteers run the camp.

I’m pleased to spread the word that my pal and former colleague Bella English at the Boston Globe just wrote about the camp for the paper — and that Nick and campers and their families had the courage to open their doors to Bella and photographer Wendy Maeda. Folks have many reasons to distrust the media, but also many to trust them, especially when they have great track records, like Bella and the Globe do. (I have to admit, though, that I’d much rather be writing my own story than have a reporter do it!)

Please read this heartwarming story, and also consider donating money to the nonprofit camp, which this past summer held a one-week session in Connecticut and another in California. I hope they make it to North Carolina some day!

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2 Responses to Boston Globe shines positive light on transgender camp

  1. Wonderful article. Currently I am writing a undergraduate research thesis regarding non-inclusive environments for Trans and gender-variant youth. I will be incorporating reasons how more traditional camps can better serve Trans and gender-variant youth.

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