Wildest dreams surpassed!

Beyond our wildest dreams. Yes!!  I love waking up to letters like this, from the Human Rights Campaign:

Dear Diane,

It’s an equality landslide! The dreams of millions of fair-minded people were realized today as discrimination crumbled at the ballot box and equality prevailed.

Our community racked up so many wins it’s hard to know where to begin. Obviously we are elated that our Ally-in-Chief, President Barack Obama, is returning to the White House for four more years of progress. We have our first openly gay Senator in Tammy Baldwin. We’ve won marriage at the ballot box in Maine and Maryland, Minnesota defeated a discriminatory amendment, and we are optimistic about our chances in Washington. (UPDATE: For good reason. Yay!) We’ve picked up new allies in the House and Senate and have more openly lesbian, gay and bisexual members of Congress than ever before.

I hope you’re as fired up as I am at these amazing accomplishments.


YES I AM!!!!!!!!!!!

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