Seven answers about transgender issues

The Washington Post’s “She the People” blog ran a piece today titled “Seven Questions About Transgender Issues You Were Afraid to Ask.” that deserves mention. The biggest takeaway for me was this: “Sometimes it helps to think of gender as a spectrum instead of a binary where everyone fits neatly into two little boxes. Some people’s gender presentation is hyper feminine, others are hyper masculine, and some fall somewhere in the androgynous middle.” I’d add that it’s not just about “presentation” but also intention and internal thinking.

This for me has been challenging. I was much more comfortable when Lina became the other binary and not somewhere in the middle of the spectrum, at least externally. Not saying that’s right, just saying it’s what I felt. My struggle is to stay as open as possible — and I’m pretty darn open already and have been for decades.

The “Seven Questions” are wide-ranging, from sex vs. gender to ENDA and more. Worth a read, and I’m happy to see the exposure, as always.

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