Jill Soloway discusses her TV show ‘Transparent’

Today’s New York Times magazine has a lengthy profile of Jill Soloway and her comedy series “Transparent,” starting Sept. 26 on Amazon Instant Video. Jill, who wrote and produced “Six Feet Under,” has created plenty of edgy shows. In her personal life, her father revealed to her a few years ago he/she is transgender.

The leader character of the 10-episode series, launching in full, is transgender. Played by Jeffrey Tambor (not a trans actor), the “parent” will be the focus of the show in which family members react to the father’s revelation. Cast members include Amy Landecker, Gaby Hoffmann, Jay Duplass and Judith Light.

I haven’t studied up on the show enough to know if the father is currently married. I’m still amazed at how many male-to-female transgender stories are told in which the wives play no role. We do exist! So I’m happy the topic is getting more exposure, but a little nervous about the contents. We shall see!


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