Bruce Jenner and the rest of us

So, Bruce Jenner. I had not been aware of the speculations about a possible gender transition until a few weeks ago. I don’t keep up with the Kardashians or with Bruce. When the news became more imminent, I read a lot about his impending transition and that he would document it with E! and possibly do a Diane Sawyer interview. Some reactions were mocking but many were thoughtful and serious. This could be a good thing, I thought. His family was behind him (great message there!) and his personal story shows that anyone can be transgender, including an Olympian. Then came the car crash he is reportedly responsible for, where one person died. Now I’ve read that everything is on hold. Tragic all around.

So is the Jenner effect the reason I received an email the other day from a producer at the talk show “Dr. Oz”? No idea. It was the usual drill. They said: “Must talk to you asap. Please call!” I wrote back saying, “Do you realize I now live in the Netherlands?” They said they still wanted to talk. I asked for a few more details – never heard back. Very typical.

I’ve never appeared on television to discuss T issues. It’s a high-risk proposition. The educational value can be great, but if it backfires, then you’ve turned people off, added to the sensationalism, etc. I turned down a few radio and TV requests when my Globe article first came out. The idea of not controlling the message made me too nervous. If Bruce Jenner does end up doing his planned coverage, I hope it goes well, for all our sakes.

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4 Responses to Bruce Jenner and the rest of us

  1. Kate Weaver says:

    Celebrity or not, he deserves the same protocols. He is not she, until he comes out.

    • didaniel says:

      I’m not aware that people are using “she” but i agree. The ironic thing, assuming that’s happening, is that many trans people have the opposite strugle — trying to get people to use the pronoun of choice.

  2. georgiakevin says:

    This is the first post that you have written that I have read other than your “About” but the level of compassion and the quality of your writing is the level that I expected after reading your “About”. Not many can write as well even fewer have your compassion.

    • didaniel says:

      Well, thanks. Normally I think comments like this are spam (cuz they usually are!), but this seems real. I can’t say that was any piece of special writing, but I appreciate the comment.

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