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Coming out and staying in

I had an interesting conversation on a flight out of Orlando last week. My seat mate was heading home to Midland, Texas, after two Disney-filled weeks with wife and young kids, one at Disney World in Orlando and the other … Continue reading

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Holiday support is a phone call away

I wish I’d seen this sooner, but a foursome of transgender folks and supporters launched this generous holiday helping hand. I’ve taken this from the announcement on Jennifer Finney Boylan’s website: “I wanted to announce what we’re calling THE DECEMBER … Continue reading

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Spouses, parents, and other family members share overlapping needs

I’m looking forward to speaking by phone tomorrow with a group of MSW students (Master in Social Work) at the University of Kansas. The class is “Social Work with LGBT Clients,” and is meant to prepare future clinical social workers. … Continue reading

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Here’s the real Secret — The Year-End List

Last night, Lina and I did I The Year-End List for 2011. It’s an exercise I first did with my friend Kristin, and then, when partnered, with Lina. And I try to spread the word about it to everyone. It’s … Continue reading

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Caring what other people think

When people say, “I don’t care what anyone thinks about me,” my reaction is, “you’re kidding yourself.” It’s the human condition. I often ponder what it is that makes us care what people think about us; what’s really behind it all? So … Continue reading

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And you may find yourself with a beautiful wife…

As some readers know, I’m working on a book about my extraordinary marriage. (Actually I think all marriages are rather extraordinary. Heck, all people are.) So maybe I should call it unusual. Or, wait, what about unconventional. That’s it! My … Continue reading

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Novel illuminates relationship hurdles

Only recently did I learn about “Trans-Sister Radio,” a 2000 novel focused on a woman – Allie — who stayed with her boyfriend – Dana — after he transitioned to female. They eventually broke up, but, well, I don’t want … Continue reading

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Thankful to the Boston Globe for its treatment of our story

I was about to sit down with a cold nightcap, a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, until we realized that our Globe story was online (earlier than expected), so I upgraded to a SweetWater IPA. I deserve it. A friend emailed … Continue reading

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Staying airborne

We love our therapist. We saw her last night. Gender is one of her specialties. She gets it. Everything about it. Lina and I are getting impatient with one another. She doesn’t understand why I’m not all adjusted and happy. I … Continue reading

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