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Every coming out is a new challenge

I wrote the below “letter to the editor”at the News & Observer, the paper based in Raleigh, North Carolina, home of the legislature that passed the onerous anti-LGBT law, called HB2.  I just 30 minutes ago read how PayPal has … Continue reading

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Get your U.S. Trans Survey in today!

I’m proud of Selina today because she took an hour-plus of her time (one hour, 20 minutes!) to complete the U.S. Trans Survey, the largest survey ever devoted to the lives and experiences of trans people. If you are or … Continue reading

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‘Trans Bodies, Trans Selves,’ a must-own

Over the past few weeks I’ve been thumbing through the behemoth compilation “Trans Bodies, Trans Selves: A Resource for the Transgender Community,” planning to write about the recently published book soon. I did see an Associated Press story about it … Continue reading

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Seven answers about transgender issues

The Washington Post’s “She the People” blog ran a piece today titled “Seven Questions About Transgender Issues You Were Afraid to Ask.” that deserves mention. The biggest takeaway for me was this: “Sometimes it helps to think of gender as … Continue reading

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Many states deny second-parent adoptions

One of the funny side effects of transitioning as a married couple is you go from being a straight couple to, at least on the outside, a gay couple. OK, so first we go through the transgender stuff and now … Continue reading

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Chelsea Manning it is…

Because a few people have asked me about Chelsea Manning, formerly known as Pfc. Bradley Manning, yes, I think she should be called by the name she wants to be called by. Um, hello “the artist formerly known as Prince.” … Continue reading

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Gay marriage equality — a good beginning!

Life post-DOMA is looking pretty sweet right now. So much to celebrate (and so much still needed) today, but let’s talk about what we’re grateful for. An end to the ridiculously named Defense of Marriage Act and a strike down … Continue reading

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