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Happy REbirthday, Lina!

Happy one-year REbirthday to my lovely Lina!! (And thanks to our pal Lauren for the “rebirthday” moniker!) Today is the one-year anniversary of my wife’s official “transition,” which means nothing all that official except it was the date of her … Continue reading

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It truly is a great time…

We cracked up when we saw this sign: “What a great time … to be a girl!” It’s in front of Francesca’s clothing store in Arroyo Seco, New Mexico, a bit north of Taos. We were exploring all around last … Continue reading

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Novel illuminates relationship hurdles

Only recently did I learn about “Trans-Sister Radio,” a 2000 novel focused on a woman – Allie — who stayed with her boyfriend – Dana — after he transitioned to female. They eventually broke up, but, well, I don’t want … Continue reading

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Trans-convergence: Modern Love, modern heartbreak

Coincidentally, on the day my transgender-themed Modern Love column was published in the New York Times’ Style section, the Times’ New York/Region section ran a heartbreaking story by writer Laura Rena Murray about transwomen getting back-alley silicon injections by so-called “pumpers” to … Continue reading

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NY Times ‘Modern Love’ piece is online

Whoa, my New York Times essay was just published online, more than 24 hours before they told me it would be. I mean we just finished the final copy edit on the thing. The emails are already rolling in, and … Continue reading

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Boobies in a box

Wow, what a difference a few months make, and for good reason. Surgery today was not the beginning of womanhood, like facial surgery in November was, but merely an extension. It was for breast augmentation (small B – bigger than … Continue reading

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What it looks like from the inside

Has it come to this, what someone looks like? Of course it’s multilayered, convoluted, stewing in years and pounds of matter, like compost. But yesterday I had a breakdown and a breakthrough. I told Lina, and myself, out loud, that … Continue reading

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Facing the facts

I’m very hung up on Lina’s face. Sometimes she looks female, sometimes male, and sometimes she looks like someone I don’t know, and it freaks me out. And when I talk to her about it, it feels all wrong, but … Continue reading

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