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‘Trans Bodies, Trans Selves,’ a must-own

Over the past few weeks I’ve been thumbing through the behemoth compilation “Trans Bodies, Trans Selves: A Resource for the Transgender Community,” planning to write about the recently published book soon. I did see an Associated Press story about it … Continue reading

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In the future, we are equals

My favorite line in Frank Bruni’s column in the Times today about same-sex marriage is this: It is the future. That reality is what keeps me optimist. We’re still in a one-step-forward, two-steps-back pattern, but that will change. Frank points … Continue reading

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Novel illuminates relationship hurdles

Only recently did I learn about “Trans-Sister Radio,” a 2000 novel focused on a woman – Allie — who stayed with her boyfriend – Dana — after he transitioned to female. They eventually broke up, but, well, I don’t want … Continue reading

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2010 year in review

Um, nothing big, just a handful of life-changing events. But, guess what, that’s life. So, let’s see: 1) Husband Wessel attended his second IFGE conference in February. Had more FFS (facial feminization surgery) consults. 2) I told three close friends in February, … Continue reading

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