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And you may find yourself with a beautiful wife…

As some readers know, I’m working on a book about my extraordinary marriage. (Actually I think all marriages are rather extraordinary. Heck, all people are.) So maybe I should call it unusual. Or, wait, what about unconventional. That’s it! My … Continue reading

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Novel illuminates relationship hurdles

Only recently did I learn about “Trans-Sister Radio,” a 2000 novel focused on a woman – Allie — who stayed with her boyfriend – Dana — after he transitioned to female. They eventually broke up, but, well, I don’t want … Continue reading

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Why write about us? Because I can

People have asked why I decided to write about my life with Lina, my transgender wife. My answer is simple: Because I can. I’ve written about my personal life for decades, so that part is nothing new. But this time … Continue reading

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How does Lina feel about all this?

Friends and strangers, but especially friends who know Lina, often ask “how does Lina feel about all this publicity?” My pat answer is: She’d prefer that I wasn’t a writer, and I’d prefer that she wasn’t transgender. That sounds a … Continue reading

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Modern Love, the backstory

Assuming you got here via my Modern Love column in the New York Times (as opposed to this story in the Boston Globe), some readers and several writers have asked me questions about getting into Modern Love. It ain’t easy. … Continue reading

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NY Times ‘Modern Love’ piece is online

Whoa, my New York Times essay was just published online, more than 24 hours before they told me it would be. I mean we just finished the final copy edit on the thing. The emails are already rolling in, and … Continue reading

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Writing, riding, writing, and more writing

I spent much of the weekend (not counting our 62-mile bike ride yesterday) writing. Actually,  something to mention about the ride, a large group ride sponsored by the awesome Carolina Tarwheels. Twice I pulled off the road onto the shoulder briefly … Continue reading

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300 emails and counting, and TV flirts with us

I’ve received more than 300 emails after the Boston Globe story started to circulate. First they came from Boston area, then the US and of course later on, around the *other* Globe, you know, the real one, including a nice … Continue reading

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Thank you, dear readers, and sorry you can’t comment at

The story is out and the comments are flooding into my mailbox. Here’s what I find so fascinating: not one of the 85 or so I’ve received so far today is negative. But I guarantee you that if enabled … Continue reading

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Thankful to the Boston Globe for its treatment of our story

I was about to sit down with a cold nightcap, a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, until we realized that our Globe story was online (earlier than expected), so I upgraded to a SweetWater IPA. I deserve it. A friend emailed … Continue reading

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