For Mass. voters

Update: 2017. Keeping this here for posterity’s sake. Who knows what’s in store as more of our rights are eroded every month.

UPDATE November 2011: It passed!!!!!!!!!!

If you vote in Massachusetts or know anyone who does, please press your legislators to pass “An Act Relative to Transgender Equal Rights,” a bill pending in Massachusetts that would make it the 16th state in the country to protect people from anti-transgender discrimination.

All the info you need to know is here. The groups MassEquality and Mass Transgender Political Coalition are working on this, so sign up to get emails and notices from both groups that will give you simple and convenient ways to voice your support.

The bill would protect transgender people from discrimination in employment, housing, public accommodations, education and credit as well as to add anti-transgender hate crimes to the State’s hate crimes statute. These protections are urgently needed.

The cities of Boston, Cambridge, and towns of Northampton and Amherst already have such laws, as do 155 employers based or operating in Massachusetts. Nationwide, at least 785 companies have adopted gender identity and expression non-discrimination policies.


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