About photos above

We pondered whether to use our photos on this blog. We’ve used them on other blogs as man and woman, so why not put the “updated” photos here? And so we did. It’s not accidental that we’re not saying who is Diane and who is Lina (though if you go through the blog, you can figure it out). Not everyone has been sure, which puts Lina over the moon.

Except for the third from the right, the photos were taken by the amazing Travis Dove for my Boston Globe article. Travis is letting us use them. They should not be used by anyone else or the photo copyright police will track you down.

Although we have allowed one of our “bride and groom” wedding photos to be used with various print articles, we decided to not post one on the blog. It can smack of sensationalism, and that’s certainly not our aim. The fact is, we’re now wife and wife, and so are these photos. (They were all taken in 2011, so we’re due for an update, but we still look fit and fantastic!)


7 Responses to About photos above

  1. joan dodge says:

    very interesting. i am glad things worked out with you as wife and wife. i read your article after reading the marriage announcements in the style section. it reminded me of the story transistor radio.

    • didaniel says:

      Thanks, Joan. I wonder if you’re thinking of the novel “Trans-sister Radio” by Chris Bohjalian, which came out in 2000. Somehow that one had escaped me, but I ordered it the other day after a friend mentioned it and I’m looking forward to reading it. Actually, the friend who recommended it was a person I’d known in Boston who, after reading my Boston Globe story, wrote to say he was in the process of transitioning from he to she, making her the first person in my life (outside of my spouse, of course), to transition.

  2. francesrubio says:

    You both are so amazing! Love, above all, truly transcends all. I’m so inspired and thank you so much for sharing your love story with the world. I wish you both the best!

  3. The moment I finished reading your “Modern Love” column in the “New York Times,” my eyes teared and all I could think and say was “thank you, thank you, thank you..” over and over – primarily thanking you, Diane, and secondarily thanking the Times for printing your column. As a psychotherapist who has worked with transgendered/transsexual clients since 2003, and has seen so many relationships crushed from the weight of this difficult process, I was so moved by your honest account and, even more, by your willingness to stay by your partner’s side for as long as you did (not knowing from the column anything that occurred after that surgery). I will refer clients, their families and friends, and my colleagues to your website.

    • didaniel says:

      Wow, thanks, Liz. A writer couldn’t ask for much more than this comment. And I hope you’ve looked around my website now and seen that we are, indeed, together and have no intention to change that. I’m happy to know about your practice as well.

      • You’re welcome, Diane, and, yes, I did look more thoroughly through your site and was happy to see that you two are doing well. In a letter I wrote to the “New York Times” in response to your column (after I’d written here), I mentioned that. I hope others can learn from your experiences and maybe fewer marriages and families will be torn apart from the transition process.

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