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The power of ‘renaming ceremonies’

I enjoyed this article just out in the New York Times on “renaming ceremonies” for trans people – a time to state, “this is my new name and my new presence.” It’s a recognition and a validation. It’s especially meaningful … Continue reading

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Four years later, and a new country

I was asked to contribute to a  collection of essays by and about partners of transgender and other non-conforming people. More on the book when it’s published next year. We decided to use a reprint of my Boston Globe article … Continue reading

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‘Trans Bodies, Trans Selves,’ a must-own

Over the past few weeks I’ve been thumbing through the behemoth compilation “Trans Bodies, Trans Selves: A Resource for the Transgender Community,” planning to write about the recently published book soon. I did see an Associated Press story about it … Continue reading

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Discussing gender fluidity benefits us all

I found this recent New York Times article titled “Generation Generation LGBTQIA” fascinating. It documented what many of us have been noticing for years — the trend of gender fluidity. Not gay or straight or bi or trans, but “whatever….” Here’s the … Continue reading

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Proud to be a part of the NC Pride Parade

Even before we were lesbians (actually I felt like a lesbian before we knew we’d be perceived as lesbians because my husband was so tender), and of course we’re really not lesbians, if you want to get official. But … … Continue reading

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Here’s the real Secret — The Year-End List

Last night, Lina and I did I The Year-End List for 2011. It’s an exercise I first did with my friend Kristin, and then, when partnered, with Lina. And I try to spread the word about it to everyone. It’s … Continue reading

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Why write about us? Because I can

People have asked why I decided to write about my life with Lina, my transgender wife. My answer is simple: Because I can. I’ve written about my personal life for decades, so that part is nothing new. But this time … Continue reading

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