Chelsea Manning it is…

Because a few people have asked me about Chelsea Manning, formerly known as Pfc. Bradley Manning, yes, I think she should be called by the name she wants to be called by. Um, hello “the artist formerly known as Prince.” (Funny, I wrote about the topic just a few days before that story broke. It’s not a new request, for sure.) I had thought that Wikipedia obliged, but I see it’s only redirecting, at least for now.

I also think she should be entitled to the same kind of medical treatment that anyone would, but the Army has said it doesn’t provide hormone therapy or sex-reassignment therapy. Not surprising. One person said she may not be able to pursue hormone therapy even if she paid for it herself, which would be truly awful. While I don’t think being transgender made her leak government files, I do think being a conflicted person could be part of the root cause. Ultimately, that’s not for me to decide.

I actually knew about her transgender status quite a while back, because a reporter friend doing a big profile of Bradley Manning discovered the info in her research and asked my opinion about how to approach it. So that side of Manning has haunted me a bit ever since.

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